The Yobuko Morning Fish Market

March 27, 2013

The Yobuko Morning Fish Market is one of the largest in Japan despite its isolated location on a peninsula in northwest Kyushu. Kent, Linda and I went on March 27, 2013.

Unfortunately, it was a gray day with occasional sprinkles, which may have held down the number of sellers. They are set up along a street in the town parallel to the waterfront of this fishing port, not along it, as I had expected.
yobuko 004 (480x247)

The photos below are in the order I took them. I didn’t try to organize by subject.
yobuko 003 (480x254)

yobuko 005 (480x292)

The seller took a small octopus out of its water to show us.
yobuko 006 (480x147)

yobuko 007 (480x107)

yobuko 008 (480x247)

yobuko 009 (480x141)

Squid, both fresh and dried, are the specialty of the region.
yobuko 010 (480x179) (2)

yobuko 011 (420x400)

yobuko 013 (450x317)

yobuko 015 (450x335)

yobuko 017 (470x254)

yobuko 020 (470x295)

yobuko 021 (450x406)

yobuko 023 (430x424)

yobuko 025 (480x146)

Squid shumai, or dumplings, are a specialty. They can be bought in packages to take home or eaten on the spot as Kent is doing below.
yobuko 026 (480x243)

yobuko 029 (640x404) (480x303)

yobuko 030 (480x267)

yobuko 031 (480x245)

Oysters and sea snails.
yobuko 032 (480x193)

yobuko 033 (480x182)

yobuko 034 (480x236)

yobuko 035 (480x263)

We drove down to the large market at the far end of town. It offered a wide variety of fish and other items in a commercial setting.
yobuko 036 (480x188)


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