The Omi-cho market, Kanazawa

April 15, 2010

The Omi-cho market in the middle of Kanazawa has been established since the middle of the seventeenth century. In 2009 a new building was built and the old stalls scrapped. Linda and I went for a visit with Noriko on April 15, 2010. There are 170 stores selling all types of foodstuffs. Fish from the nearby Sea of Japan is the biggest item as it is the biggest item in the local diet. I have posted my photos in the order I took them. There is no organization by category, just as the market has various kinds of stores mixed together.

Dried squid

This shop specializes in fresh and deep fried tofu.

Prepared fishcakes.

Fried chicken of various types

Those are oysters in front


On the left are firefly squid.

Red and black flounder are both prized. but the red is higher priced.

The large stand sold a big variety of deep fried concoctions for reheating at home.

The mushrooms are very good.

This is a small sushi restaurant which also sells sushi in boxes out front.

April is the season for fresh bamboo shoots. The smaller ones have a better flavor if they are used very fresh.


A type of potato

Beef has already been cut for shabu shabu, sukiyaki and other dishes

Grilled eel and eel livers


I was not the only one taking photos.

Tofu skin

The white ones are lily bulbs to be used as a vegetable.

A shop with elaborate sushi confections.




Linda admires the flower shop.


fish livers

uni (sea urchin)

Preztels are a Kanazawa specialty. Linda buys one.

This green tea is made from the stems and so it has less caffeine.

This is a fugu, or blowfish. Some people think it is a delicacy, but it can be poisonous if not prepared properly.

We have had sushi from these needle fish and it is delicious.

beautiful turnips

When a sake shop is selling new sake, it puts up a green cedar ball. If the ball has turned brown, that means that only old sake is being sold.

This stand is selling pork products.



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